With an aim to cultivate the culture of enjoying traditional Chinese noodle, LeNu is a casual Chinese noodle bar that promises diners delectable varieties of noodles at affordable prices. Inspired by Chef Wai’s travels to China and Taiwan, where noodles are commonly regarded as a staple from street food to fine restaurants, LeNu is founded to delight with value and quality noodle selections. Apart from using the finest ingredients, the proportion of ingredients are also carefully measured to ensure consistency in every bowl. Offering various soup bases and noodle types, there is bound to be something for everyone, matching each unique taste palate.

Savour the essence of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise with a wide assortment of traditional favourites like noodle and congee dishes that will be sure to delight diners.Our rendition of congee dishes consist of a perfect combination of jasmine white rice grains with pearl rice grains, continuously boiled to achieve a smooth and silky texture and rich flavour. With a perfect control of the cooking temperature and preparation time of noodles, our chefs dish out plates of silky smooth noodles that will whet your appetite!Relish the finest Cantonese fare, soak up the bustling atmosphere and pursue the love affair with the best of Hong Kong at Canton Paradise.