About Us

Our Promise

Paradise Group restaurants promise to delight customers by “Creating New Dimensions of Dining Pleasure” for its patrons.

Brand Vision
To be an international diners’ paradise for Oriental cuisine where gourmet menus meet with exceptional value, and tradition meets with innovation.

Brand Mission
Always improving, advancing and creating to provide exceptional value in every category of our restaurants for the experiential enjoyment.

Brand Values
S-P-I-R-I-T of Paradise


  • Accurately pinpointing the needs of the market
  • Developing & providing things that the customers desire

Passionate & Persevering

  • Enjoying work and giving our all
  • Doing our best and never saying no; Never say no until we have tried


  • Challenging status quos for improvement
  • Thinkin out-of-the-box

Respectful to all

  • Equal respect and fairness to all stakeholders


  • Openness to ideas; developing a strong acumen for ideas development


  • Working as a team to provide exceptional value

Our Brand Promise
Paradise Group restaurants promise to delight customers by " Creating New Dimensions of Dining Pleasure" for its patrons.

Our Brand Positioning
Paradise Group is a creative Oriental gourmet food provider who iffers exceptional value through our menu, ambience and concepts to customers who appreciate the total dining experience.