Our Concept


Simple and charming with authentic yet affordable food, inns are an integral part of Chinese folk life. At Paradise Inn, we take this traditional concept and bring it to a new level of sophistication with a contemporary  Oriental ambience replete with details like tailor made Chinese lanterns and rustic terracotta bricks with accents of Chinese symbols.

But what truly gives Paradise Inn the sweet taste of a long forgotten era is its concept of a restaurant, teahouse and dessert house all rolled into one. For those who simply love Chinese fare, we serve some of the best classics along with double boiled soups and fusion dishes. As a teahouse, we serve some of the best teas infused with fruits, herbs and flowers. And for dessert lovers, there are traditional hot and cold desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paradise Inn is certainly a great place to discuss business or celebrate occasions with close friends and family. Fitting at least 180 guests at any one time, Paradise Inn also has two mid-casual VIP rooms that can comfortably  accommodate ten persons each. Additionally, ten private booths are created within the main dining area offering diners more privacy when dining.

At Paradise Inn, it's where everyone gets to appreciate nostalgic tastes in these modern times.